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The explosions must be stopped. My boots, they are ruined. I do not know what it was that exploded, but now they are scuffed to the point where polishing, it will do nothing. Is there nothing that can stop these things?

[About fifteen minutes later he writes again.]

Barbed wire. It is not good for coats, no. I think I am starting to get angry. Is there a seamstress here who can fix a coat, or is this also lost?

[Another ten minutes pass.]

Shooting. They are shooting! The bullets are not killing but why would they even shoot me? I am bruised and this is utterly indecent! All I wanted was food! Food! Everyone must eat, even aliens, no? Maybe not the droids. Do droids eat? Maybe little metal things, scraps around the lower place, hm? I will get dinner, and I will not die trying because that is the most ridiculous way to go and I refuse to die in a ridiculous fashion. [A short pause.] Again. Stupid Apostle. Stupid whatever god he prayed to. Stupid Tree, stupid bullets, stupid bomb!

[It’s ten minutes later that he writes the final bit.]

I give up. The dirt, it has my food. I will go, and I will starve, on my little couch in my little house.
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This gold monstrosity, this, it is not a cape.

It is a death trap.

Six times I have tripped! SIX! And my work, it is over the bridges! I begin to think the Sphere wishes for me to fall to my death because of a cape! Who even wears a cape, hm? A cape, it has no use. It has no function. Except to get under my feet.
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I suppose I should be glad my house, it was still here, when I got out of the infernal case. And I suppose I should be glad that I have no pets, because they would have starved.

But mostly, I am glad that I was not missed. This, it means that when you all leave, because you will, or you all are stuck in sand, which you will, or when you are killed, I do not have to miss you, hm? A great burden, that takes off. Yes.

So. Not that anyone cares, nor do I expect them to, but I am no longer stuck. Housekeeping, do be sure to clean up the sand, yes? I would like to have my little house tidy.
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Perhaps I should be thankful for the infernal flying thing that continually pesters me. Perhaps. Without it, I do not know if I would have stumbled through the... strangeness in the wilderness. I would not have entered, if it was not divebombing my head, like a thrice-damned homing frisbee!

But now, I am in. I have gone through. I will have you all know that on the food, I call dots. Dits. I call whatever it is that makes it mine, because it is mine. This, through the strange-looking spots, it is the station where I work. It is not my planet, but it is... almost a home, yes?

Some help I will need carrying this. If there are any who would not mind, I will pay.
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Londo of House Mollari. That is who I am. I do not know if it is a thing to be celebrated, finding this out. The knowledge that came with it, it is heavy. What does one think, and do, when they are not sure they wish to know more about who they are, but cannot abide being utterly ignorant?

I am an ambassador, and I am a very bad friend, and I do not think I like myself all that much.
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Oh yes. Of course. First, my head is flooded with dreams that are not my own, and now, now I cannot even get out of the elevator. I am stuck. But of course, no one will help, because no one can, not when the elevator is rude like this, no.

I hardly know if it is good or bad that I am not trapped alone. There is a fiery-headed man, a striped-hair boy, and a brown-haired girl. They are likely human. Their hair is not in crests.
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The Wilderness, it is not ruins any more, no. Instead, it is a club. It is a club with much to see, and even more to drink.

And so, I propose a crawl. A barcrawl, in the Wilderness. That is what it is called, no? You crawl at the end because you are so drunk you cannot walk? Do not tell me that the one phrase that makes sense I have wrong.

No matter. I think that I am clear in what I am suggesting. Drinking. A great deal of it. Who would like to join?
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Make a wish. For three days, this paper, I have stared at it. What possible wish that one would write would come true? It is that damnable question all over again. What do you want? Maybe, maybe, there is more that is wanted than one can say! Did whomever asked that question ever thing about that?

This paper, it is a mockery. Make a wish. Pah. Wishes are futile anyway. This, it is not worth the paper it is written on.

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[The writing is messy, as the writer is being jostled quite a bit. It probably wouldn't be recognizable if the sentence structure wasn't so distinct.]

This, it is ridiculous! There have been ridiculous things before, but this, it is the most! My chair will not stop! I cannot sit without them taking off and playing music of all things!

I need a gun. To SHOOT MY CHAIRS. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. If they are shot, they cannot run, hm? Or must I leash them now?

This is the most undignified, ludicrous, utterly stupid thing that has ever happened in this Sphere.

I think I begin to hate my life.

[[ooc: Musical chairs event. Ambassador is currently a hostage of one of his sturdier table chairs. Feel free to see/laugh/mock/be in the path.]]
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Mr. Grift is dead. Before anyone asks, no, I did not kill him.

There is procedure for this, no? A body? He's in section four. Someone should come get him, because I most certainly am not getting blood on my clothes.
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[A heavy sigh is the first thing that’s heard before Ambassador’s voice speaks.]
Vir. How many gods are there in our pantheon? I have lost count, since the last emperor was elevated to godhood.

[A much younger male voice answers him. It’s nervous and anxious and sounds a little flustered.] 48. No, no, 49. 50, if you count Zuug, but, you know, I never thought you should—

[Ambassador interrupts him.] All right. Let us say 50.

[Vir again.] 50.

[There’s a wry, sarcastic edge to Ambassador’s voice.] Now. Out of that 50. How many gods do you think I must have offended to have ended up with ---‘s teeth buried so deeply in my throat that I can barely breathe?

[A beat.] All of them?

Sounds right. [Ambassador sounded tired.] And now I have to go back to the Council and explain to them that in the interest of peace the Centauri government will agree to “give” Quadrant 37 to the ---. [He sighed.] I think I will stick my head in the station’s fusion reactor. It would be quicker. And I suspect, after a while, I might even come to enjoy it!

[Vir sounded very unsure.] Ambassador, why—

[Ambassador ignored the attempted interruption.] But this, this. This, this is like being… nibbled to death by, uh… [He makes an annoyed noise.] What are those Earth creatures called? Feathers. Long bill. Webbed feet. Go quack.

[There’s a pause, and then Vir sounded triumphant.] Cats!

Cats. [Ambassador sounded disgusted.] I’m being nibbled to death by cats.
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A top. I have been given a top. Is it meant to say something? This world, it spins about? Or is it just another item to go on a shelf and make me wonder what it could possibly mean? At least it is not as annoyng as the bear, no.

I have made some bids. This, it should be interesting. I much look forward to winning them. And if not, I shall simply have to visit the people myself and see how they are.

[Edited to add a short time later] My dear Stellaris, I fear I must apologize. The last bid on you, it was not my own. Many of them were. But if you are to find extra time, I would still like to spend time with you.
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I am stuck in an elevator with a lunatic with a sword, grinning like only an idiot can. Someone, anyone, get me out of here. I do not care who. Even Grift, with his smirky face, gloating, I would take.

And now, he is laughing at me. Oh joy. Joy of all joys. This place, I hate it. I would even take stairs if we had them!

Perhaps it would be more bearable if he were not reading this and grinning more, hm?

[[ooc: Both Ambassador and Rukongai will be replying to this for a time before they wind up stuck on the fourth floor. This entry marks where I'm no longer looking at the f-list. If there's a non-invasion post you'd like me to see, please link me. :D Have fun!]]
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The high scores on the games of chance here, in this Wilderness, I have beaten. The shooting games I am decent at, but the others, I find I do not understand them. Why would one dodge a monkey throwing barrels? Why would aliens attack in neat little rows so you can shoot them? One defender, they could not fight that many, no.

A more important question, why is there no alcohol here? Surely, if you are fighting monkeys, or pushing buttons to fight, to enjoy it you must be a little tipsy, hm? Rum. That, it goes well with Coke, no? And there is much Coke here.

I will pay someone to bring rum down here. And then, we may share it and play, yes?
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At first, after a conversation, I was convinced this was merely indifference. We are changed into things, but it is not because we are liked or hated.

I am going to say something that I will likely never say again. Read close.

I was wrong.

It hates us. All of us.

What I have been DRESSED in is ludicrous! It is not dressing in any sense of the word! And the makeup! AND MY HAIR!

The week off, I need. The month off, if we are not out of these things before then. My house, I am not leaving it.

[[ooc: Ambassador is wearing this, as Klaus Nomi.]]
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I do not suppose there are any beds that are not hard as a rock down here? I have tried one in nearly every cabin, and they are all most uncomfortable. It would be better to sleep on the ground! When we were banished out of the tree last time, the accommodations, they were much better. I am not impressed. This place, it has always been poorly managed, but now, I see that it is even worse than I thought.

Next time we are driven from our little homes and what little lives we have, I would like more comfortable accommodations. Do note this, whomever manages these sort of things, hm?
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So. That? Was not the smartest thing someone has ever done, hm? Killing someone when they come back to life, that is backwards. It is also most stupid. And most annoying. That, I could do with not remembering. You will not find me an easy target again, no, no. I will be armed as of today.

I do not suppose anyone missed me. No matter.
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So. This judging thing. It has been spoken of before, no? Most familiar, it seems. There is only one thing to do, hm?

I suggest myself as a judge.

I have not been here too too long, only a few months. But in this time, I have gained a new appreciation for order. We would do well to remember that there have been attacks, no? Well. This, this is what the project is made to address.

All of this, it fits. The system that is coming into this place. There is little that I know. But this, I do. I am here to take part in it. And myself, I would take on this duty with humility. No. I would not take it with humility. I do not think I know the meaning of the word. Reverence. That is better, hm? Yes, yes it is. I will give it due reverence.


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